Community Board Terms & Conditions

  1. The “Community Board” may not be used for commercial/business (for profit) promotions. An official sponsorship spot on the home page is appropriate in that case. 
  2. The “Community Board” facility is available for use to official Probasee members only. Notices sent by members will be displayed once cleared for publishing on the website.
  3. Some notices and invitations from external organizations may be posted periodically for our members.
  4. Notices sent in by Probasee members for publishing on the “Community Board” must be brief (1-2 sentences), clear, to the point and must have all relevant information. It may contain a link to another website but may not contain any picture or screenshot.
  5. Notices may be edited without altering the message by the webmaster or executive committee in adherence with guideline (4) before it is published.
  6. “Community Board” notices will be added or updated once every 1-2 weeks and will stay on for a maximum period of one month or the requested “valid until” date, whichever is sooner.
  7. Management of the website and the “Community Board” is entirely at the discretion of the current Executive Committee

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