Probasee Bengalee Association of New Zealand, incorporated in 1998, is a non-profit cultural organisation founded mainly to uphold and promote the rich cultural heritage of Bengal and India in this distant land, which has been adopted as home by the migrant Bengalis. The association conducts cultural, socio-religious events throughout the year with particular attention to the youth, so that youngsters born and brought up in New Zealand get to experience and stay in touch with their roots. Probasee participates in various programmes from time to time organised by other groups, both Indian and non-Indian and spreads the essence of Bengali (Indian) culture amongst the people of New Zealand. 

People of all ages are encouraged to participate in various sporting activities like cricket, badminton and table tennis. A Bengali language library is also maintained by Probasee with an excellent stock of Bengali books and films. 

Membership is open to all who want to keep in touch with the Bengali language and culture in this distant and beautiful land that they live in.

For the original constitution of Probasee Bengalee Association of New Zealand, please click HERE


Migrants from India started settling in New Zealand more than a century ago. Bengali migrants from India, however, started coming only in the late 1970's. In fact, there were only a handful of Bengali settlers till the 1990's. Even then, a few families got together and organised the first Durga Puja in Auckland in 1992. With the passage of time, the Bengali population increased and in 1998, Probasee Bengalee Association was formed. The association brought these socio-religious functions under its umbrella and in 2016 organised their 25th annual Durga Puja.